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Athletes Committees


Within the entries website, a club's committee list determines which individuals are allowed to manage athlete lists and entries for that club. Athletes can be assigned to either a named position where appropriate, or to the generic "Other" position, and can hold multiple positions at a time. It is also possible for some positions to be held by multiple athletes (e.g. Vice-Captains, and "Other").

Required Positions

OURCs formally requires that clubs have named individuals in certain recognised committee positions. As such, these positions can only be handed over to a new athlete, rather than being vacated.
They are: We appreciate that many senior members are not actively involved in their clubs, and may not have accounts for the OURCs entries system. However, they should still have athlete profiles created for them, and they should still be assigned to their position.

Admin Positions

Some positions are designated club administrators, and have the additional ability to manage their club's committee list.
These are: If removing yourself from an admin position, be aware that the change is immediate and irreversible - Make any other changes you need to first!

E-mail Addresses

By default, an athlete's personal e-mail address is shown on the committee list, for the convenience of OURCs committee members who need to contact them. If a committee member has a club e-mail address (e.g. that they use instead of a personal address, this can be provided when adding them to the position. Any club e-mail address, or lack thereof, can also be altered later without needing to re-assign the position, and can be changed by the committee member themselves.

N.B. Club e-mail addresses will only show up on a club's committee list, and is not shown on an athlete's record.